Lessons on how the best startups and companies are growing

Jaryd Hermann
2 min readNov 10, 2022

Hi friends 👋

Thank you so much for following me on Medium, I truly appreciate you supporting my work. Thank you.🙏

As a writer, unfortunately Medium don’t give me any easy way to contact you as a reader. Posting a piece like this is the best I can do.

So, here’s me reaching out to you with a quick update.

Honestly, I post on Medium very occasionally. And when I do, I share bits and pieces from my free newsletter: HowTheyGrow.co. Sometimes, that is also put behind a paywall on Medium, depending on the publication that I send a piece to.

I moved over to Substack a few months ago, and find it much easier to write great content consistently, and get that in front of my readers reliably.

If you enjoy my work — please consider joining my free newsletter here.

What’s the newsletter about?

  • Every other week, I pick one company or startup you probably know, and do tons of research on their go-to-market strategy, how they acquired early customers, and what their current growth engines looks like. These are deep dives that bring you the most comprehensive picture of how these companies grow.
  • I also write 5-Bit Friday’s, where each week, I share 5 snack-able takeaways from the startup/tech universe.

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If you do — I’ll see you tomorrow already for the next post!

— Jaryd ✌️

Some examples of posts:

  • How Etsy Grows: Lessons on kickstarting and growing a marketplace from Etsy’s $14b handmade empire.
  • How Notion Grows: What we can learn about product-led and community-led growth strategies from a $10bn SaaS startup.
  • How Superhuman Grows: What a $2bn email startup can teach us about not launching, pricing, viral growth loops, and reverse-engineering product-market-fit.
  • How Intercom Grows: What we can learn about acquiring early B2B customers, jobs-based marketing, SaaS pricing strategies, and content-driven growth from Intercom.



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